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Prices and how to Buy Ferments

Price list and Shipping

2018 PRICES:

for descriptions of products, go here.


Long Ferment Krauts:

$11 for 16 oz.

$20 for 32 oz. by special order



Fermented Drinks:

$5 for 16 fl. oz.



$15 for 4 fl. oz.

$24 for 8 fl. oz.

$40 for 16 fl. oz.

$72 for 32 fl. oz.


4 ways to buy our ferments:

1) Visit our Ferment Shop in Rochester. We are open M-W-F 9-5ish. We offer free samplings and in house sales. 

2) Visit stores that carry our products, or buying clubs that sell them.  Also visit the restaurants that incorporate our products on their menus.  (those listed here) 

3) Come to one of our classes or vender shows (listed here) where we offer free samplings and sales.

4) Mail order.



Payment options: We accept credit cards and checks.

To place an order: 

Please email/call and leave a message for us with your name, phone number, shipping address, and item list.  Contact info here.

We will get back to you with a shipping/handling estimate, and confirm your order and payment method.  


* Please note:  If you pay with a check by mail, it will need to include our shipping and handling fees.  We will hold your order until the check has cleared the bank, which may cause delay. Upon clearing, we will ship the product to you. 

We try to ship products once a week on Mondays, to limit transit times.  

Shipping fees include the cost of packing materials, USPS shipping, and handling.  




A note on shipping live ferments: 
Because of the influence of heat and motion in transportation, or the live culture activity in the products, there may be some pressure in their bottles/jars when they arrive.  This is normal. Follow the instructions included in your package for opening products after receiving them.