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New! Kraut Juice!

Posted 6/3/2021 9:22am by Joe Gady.

Early Summer 2021

Do you love the juice at the bottom of your kraut jar when it’s empty?

We do too. That's why we now offer ‘just the juice’ from several of our sauerkraut and kimchi varieties!

It's another great way to layer nutrient dense, probiotic rich goodness into your food.

Here’s ideas on how to use them:

- sip straight to nurture your digestion

- stir into soup in the bowl, right before serving

- add to homemade salad dressings for a kick up in flavor

- stir into savory green smoothies, cottage cheese, plain yogurt and fresh veggie dips

- splash a dash into your savory adult beverage

- stir into homemade sauces just before serving

...when using in food, the idea is to add them at the end of cooking to avoid heating them too much... this helps preserve the living probiotics, minerals, and enzymes.

Each flavor is complex and delicious.  Here's our varieties:

- Root Kraut Juice  (If you like our Garlic Beet Kvass, you may love this one too)

- Golden Turmeric Juice (Drinking this straight feels like a tasty tonic!)

- Kimchi Juice (Wonderful spicy veggie flavor)
- Raw Cultured Veggies Juice (We've heard back from several moms that their children love this kraut - so we wanted to offer another way to work it into family food.)

All juices are bottled straight from the crock and are unpasteurized, unprocessed, and undiluted.  

Sold in 5 fl. oz. woozy glass bottles.