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About Our Classes & Samplings

Invite us to your group, store, or community event to teach about Ferments!

When we eat traditional wild fermented foods,

we can feel better! 

But why? 

To answer this question for others, Joe has travelled central and northern Indiana for over 15 years offering classes, samplings, doing presentations, and raising awareness of the importance of raw, live wild fermented foods and drinks. He has mentored others to begin their own successful ferment businesses.

Joe continues to run the Ferment Shop in downtown Rochester, teach, sample, and sell ferments at select farmers markets and venues.

Contact us today to schedule a class in your area!

Description of our educational offerings:

**Fermented Foods & Sampling Class:

In this hour long class at your group, store, or event, we will set up a table with full display and samples of all our raw food ferments and probiotic drinks, and we will discuss what fermentation of foods and drinks is about, how to do it, and the benefits of consuming these for our wellbeing. We talk about how to ferment in crocks or jars, and have resources of where to purchase crocks. In addition there will be books on display and handouts available. Farming For Life will provide the samples and share where they may be purchased.

**Fermented Samplings at your event: 

In this several hour offering, suitable for your community event, we will set up a table with full display of all our raw food ferments and drinks, along with a plethora of interesting and useful handouts.  Folks coming by our booth can try as many samples as they like to find the ones they like.  We can either sell product direct to customers, or, if you already sell our products commercially, we will direct sales to your venue.


**Ferment Introductory Presentation:

This is a shorter 20 minute talk designed to introduce traditional ferments to your group or community, with sampling a few of our best selling raw food ferments and drinks.  We provide a few handouts and a list of where products can be purchased.

We are currently scheduling classes for 2020.
Please contact Joe for more details.

"You teach, you teach, you teach."  - Weston A. Price