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How We Farm & Why


We operate a three acre farm in north central Indiana. Our goal is restoring the soil and the life therein to sustainability, so that outside inputs are required less and less.  
The high nutrient density of our produce and fermented products promote sustainability of health in our customers.
We grow heirloom varieties, stimulate soil biological activity with the addition of microbial & mycorhizal mixes and enzymes, humic acids & sea minerals, high quality compost, worm castings, biochar, and plowing down of green manures. We follow principles of permaculture and use organic farming methods. We use biodynamic timing in planting. We also regularly spray the leaves with foliar sprays that contain microbes and sea minerals. We irrigate with structured water. We keep a small bee-centric apiary to support our farm production. We plant additional pollinator forage each year. We do not use pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or other petrochemicals, ever.
We grow carrots, beets, onions, garlic, kale, basil, dill, cilantro, pickling cucumbers and pumpkins, for production in our fermentation kitchen. As our business has grown, we’ve formed relationships with other local growers who meet our regenerative farming standards, and we purchase nutrient dense cabbage and produce from them. During the ‘off season’, when local production is limited, we purchase certified organic produce for inclusion. We aim for local sustainability in our business practices as well as our farming ones.

Based on the work of the Weston A Price Foundation, we started producing lactic acid wild fermented foods and drinks 16 years ago​.​​ ​ ​​

Our passion is to 'long ferment' and produce the most nutritionally and biologically dense foods that promote digestion and intestinal health​.

Currently, we have 82 imported ceramic crocks that we do fermentation in. All of our production is done in a certified kitchen. Right from the crock into jars, these products are refrigerated to keep the live cultures in them in a semi-dormant state for good preservation.

For centuries, cultures around the globe have found that these fermented foods keep indefinitely in their lactic acid environment that the microbes produce. This has provided them an excellent way to have fresh vegetables year round. ​​It is important to include these lactic acid fermented foods and beverages in our diets regularly, as Weston Price found in the healthy isolated cultures that he studied. Frequent inclusion of these live culture​s​ floods our digestive systems with a diverse array of live microbes and intact enzymes. These probiotic “condiments ” recolonize our systems and leave little space for pathogens to cause problems.We suggest one bite per meal is a great place to start when eating them.​

We currently offer a variety of traditionally cultured vegetables, sauerkrauts, kim chis, veggie pickles, fermented beans, kvasses, kombuchas, juns, kombucha-juns, and our very popular fermented Super Tonic made of a variety of roots and veggies that are spicey and traditionally valued for their anti-inflammatory properties. 
We are thrilled to offer you flavorful fermented foods and drinks for your vibrant health!

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